YYC Beltline Bike Rack

I was selected from a Call to Artists to transform the YYC Beltline bike racks.
I spent 12 days painting the mural – and in keeping with typical Calgary May weather I argued with the rain, basked in the sunlight and finished the piece 6 hours before the snow.

Better Bike Racks and The Blox YYC put out a request for submission of a design depicting a social issue of 2020.
But at the time I needed to focus on moving forward – on inclusivity and interconnectivity. No beginning or end, but wanting to learn and grow.
I am so honoured to have had a platform to express myself in a community I love, and on such a unique canvas.

This project will always be special to me as my first public art piece, I hope that it causes others as much joy as it gave me.

It was a dream come true and an area I wish to continue pursuing.

Two Word Productions created the amazing video below documenting the project.