Visual Language

Creative Challenge: Create a new visual language for film advertising. One that relies on and relishes words, instead of falling back on the usual photographic imagery. Take a director of your choice and use the power of type to promote a retrospective screening of their films.

Christopher Nolan often plays with time in his epic movies. This is why I chose to center my entire concept around one continuous thread to illustrate a timeline that interacted with motifs from the three movies.

• Memento chronicles two separate stories of the main character, and the scenes are clues/hints to restore his memory.

• Inception plays with time since as with each deeper level, time slows down. Ariadne, the architect in the movie is told to design mazes and her character is based off a woman in greek mythology that lead the hero of the story through a labyrinth using her rope.

• Interestellar’s letters are strung up in the stars, and in this movie all the astronauts are affected by time due to a blackhole.