TV Series Intro


Pushing Daisies, which unfortunately is no longer on the air, was a sweet and quirky show about a pie maker who had the ability to bring the dead back to life with one touch, but if he touched them again they would be dead forever, and if a dead thing was kept alive for over a minute; something else had to die.

The original intro has the narrator explaining the premise, but as a viewer I know that that can get annoying once you’ve heard it for the eleventh time so I wanted to tell the story with a few simple visuals. The animation is done using cut paper and then manipulated in after effects.

The switch from black and white to color represents life and death and the pie not only reveals the actors, but also acts as a countdown.

The show had a very retro stylization to it and I wanted to capture that with some nostalgic music so I chose a song from the electro-swing genre.

Music credit: “Brotherswing” by Caravan Palace.