Story Telling


The work I did for this class was some of the most fun I’ve had illustrating, and I think that was because the final piece wasn’t as important as the story/concept, so I felt more comfortable trying new things.

One project was to take the classic Red Riding Hood tale and tell it a different way: in another era, from another point of view, maybe Red
is a wolf?

I decided to focus on the fact that in many
of the versions the wolf seems to gobble down
little Red and the Grandma in one gulp.

“It was pretty dumb of the wolf to eat us
alive, hey Grams?”



Another project was to create an illustration inspired by an assigned artist. My artist was Emily Carroll – a prominent voice in the web comic horror genre. She strives to make her viewer feel uneasy, so I decided to illustrate my greatest source of unease: water!