Namibia Branding


This project was to take an existing travel company’s brand tactic and improve it in some way.

Gondwana Collections • Namibia

“Namibia with Heart and Soul: Take our hand and let us introduce you to this awe-inspiring country. Come and stay with us, experience Namibia.”
In 2014 Gondwana Collections did a complete visual rebranding so the traveller could “Feel Closer”.

I redesigned the logo to be something tangible so the traveller could feel as though they had already touched the red Namibian dessert.

For the brand tactic I chose their ‘Explore the Namibia Map’ webpage. There is a google map that allows you to click from lodge to lodge and get a bit of info, but I wanted the user to be able to do a lot more.

Linking the map with social media could allow the user to browse many photos, but best of all, be able to prioritize everything they might want to do, and know exactly where to find it! This way they will be able to make the best of their trip, and feel confident about making the journey.

Watch the video to see how it would function.