From point b to p and everywhere in between – beep! Beep is a fun, but modern and professional car sharing service. They are marketing to the CEO’s of companies and offering a service that becomes a perk for employees, which is what sets them apart in the market. Beep is all about getting these busy professionals wherever they need to go as easily as possible, therefore I made all of my branding simple and direct.
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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations for my brother and his bride. Their reception was at a restaurant with an Art Deco vibe so we wanted to carry that into the invitations a little bit. And here are their playful RSVP cards:
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Info Design

An info-graphic I created that was intended to answer a great question. I chose to answer the question "Her?" - a running joke from the TV series Arrested Development. It provides the viewer with all the information on Ann Veal, a side character from the show that is constantly forgotten. I designed it to be placed in the sleeve of a DVD case.
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